Home of the Nuanced Mormon Creed

This is NOT a Mormon apologetics website.

Nuanced Mormonism is a new religious framework within Mormonism that acknowledges the complexity of the Mormon religion without trying to rationalize past and present mistakes. On the contrary, Nuanced Mormonism recognizes the good but also calls out the bad, harmful, and erroneous parts of Mormonism as an act of love. Just as a gardener pulls out the weeds to enhance the beauty of the garden, so Nuanced Mormonism considers itself a corrector and refiner of Mormonism.

“…he who speaks to this hour’s need and translates the message will always be skirting the edge of heresy… Only he who risks heresies can gain the truth.” (The Trouble with the Church – Helmut Thielicke)

Mormonism and the Oldsmobile

Oldsmobile used to be GM’s innovation brand: in the 1920s, Oldsmobile was the first car to use chrome-plated trim instead of nickel. In 1938, it touted the first fully automatic transmission. In 1945, Oldsmobile rolled out the first high compression overhead valve V-8. In 1966, it introduced the radical, front-wheel-drive. In 1974, Oldsmobile was the first U.S. manufacturer to offer air bags as an option. But then something happened. Times changed but Oldsmobile didn’t. It became a vehicle associated with old people. The design became bland, boring, and ugly. Eventually, Oldsmobile factories shut down.¹

Is Mormonism like Oldsmobile? Is the appeal of yesteryear fading due to the antique hierarchy, ancient moral code, and tyrannical control over thought and speech? Is the Mormonism’s tribal religion too small, narrow, mean, unintelligent, and antiquated to survive the scores of those leaving its membership? A study in 2017 showed Mormonism growth rate at its lowest point in 80 years (1.59%). ² At that rate, the religion may not survive another hundred years.

Nuanced Mormons

Nuanced Mormons (NMs) are those who have transitioned through the Stages of Faith to a point where they have reason to believe in God yet have reason to distrust man. They see The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a God-sanctioned, human-run organization that points back to God; however, because of its fallible nature, “the Church” has issues and errors that need correcting and updating. NMs are tactful workers from within the walls of Mormonism effecting change to make the organization more holy, healthy, and happy.

If you love your faith but know it has serious flaws that need correcting, this is your home.

If you are going through a faith crisis, this framework might fit your need for reconciliation.

If you are a faithful Latter-Day Saint but have need a home that recognizes the errors you see, this is where your voice matters.




This website is a work in progress (just like my faith) I will add, remove, edit content continually as time permits.